Classes and Pricing

Family registration fee: There is a yearly, family registration fee of $20 required upon enrollment.

Parent and Tot
1-3 years old/45 minutes

One adult and tot participates in this dynamic class. Let your little Flipster stretch, jump, and move while in a fun, social environment. The class is designed for a group stretch and stations before returning for a group cool down.

$50 per month

3-4 years old/50 minutes

Officially participating in a regular class setting, your Flipster will learn tumbling basics from their instructor in a small group setting. From forward rolls to vaulting basics to walking across the beam, your child will learn how to control their movements!

$60 per month

5-6 years old/50 minutes

The Intermediate Class is designed for children ready to develop more complex gymnastics skills through independent workstations and coach instruction. Flipsters in this class will focus on coordination and flexibility as well as enhancing their overall target skills level.

$60 per month

7-8 years old/50 minutes

Older intermediates ready for more complex skills will be challenged in this class setting. Flipsters will work on strength and technique as they continue to expand their gymnastic skill abilities on the floor, bars, beam, and vault. Instruction will ready students to move onto the Advance class when skills are mastered.

$65 per month

Advance Class
Invite only/1 hour class

This *invite only* class is designed for Flipsters who are focused on mastering complex skills (i.e. front and back handsprings, back walkover) and have developed a strong skills foundation. Please reach out to Katie or a staff member for more information.

$70.00 per month

Homeschool Class
5-9 years old/50 minutes

The homeschool class teaches foundational skills (cartwheels, bridges, handstands, etc.) and technique for bar, beam, vault, and floor. This class is a multi-age class.

$60 per month

Tumbling 101
$65 per month/1 hour

Do you have a child who wants to only focus on their floor skills? This class is for them! This hour class will focus on floor and trampoline skills only, such as handstands, roundoffs, backbends, and walkovers.

Ages 8+

Tumbling 102
$70 per month/ 1 hour

This hour class will focus on more advanced floor and trampoline skills only, such as handsprings, handspring passes, aerials, and tuck drills. Skills in Tumbling 101 need to be mastered prior to attending Tumbling 102.

Ages 8+